I see you, LASIK doctor

With the famous LASIK victory cup in hand eyes pointed at the camera, stands this well known actor. No, we are not giving away his name. We at the beverly hills lasik eye institute are in a playful mood. We want you to recognize him. Hmm, are you planning to call our beverly hills office to find the answer. Maybe you can come in and do a lasik consult, to treat your astigmatism, farsightedness or get rid of those reading glasses.

Alice in Big Bang Land

Do you recognize our Beverly hills lasik eye doctor? Do you know who is the great looking girl next to him? Ever watched Big bang theory. Guys, not the one hosted by Morgan.zz….zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I speak of the hilarious comedy on cbs which stars Kunnal Nayyar as Rajesh. Ah. Have you ever seen him skype his feelings to his parents who live in India? Scratch your memory- remember the gal inside his laptop?

Is everything crystal clear? We can use laser vision correction to make your vision clear.

Good to be back after the hiatus. Too bad some of us cannot come back.

From the urn to the duster buster. God Bless the atheists!