Americas Next Top Ophthalmologist


Hello, friends. Once again we are the harbingers of good news. Our very own Beverly Hills Vision Care expert, Rajesh Khanna has been selected as one of the top ophthalmologists of America. This prestigious award is based on research by the Consumer Research Council of America. They do not accept fees, donations, sponsorships or advertising from any individuals, professionals, corporations or associations. This policy was enacted to ensure an unbiased selection for the lists of America’s Best.

We salute Dr. Khanna One of Americas Best, in our own backyard in Beverly Hills. The voice of thousands of happy patients of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles patients have been heard. A passionate Laser Vision Correction expert has been recognized. Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and fellowship trained at the University of Cincinnati.

Rajesh Khanna MD Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon, Voted as best Laser Eye Surgeon in Los Angeles.

Rajesh Khanna, MD chosen as best los angeles lasik surgeon

Rajesh Khanna, MD chosen as best los angeles lasik surgeon

Rajesh Khanna MD, Voted as Best Lasik-Laser Eye Surgeon in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Daily News. Top Athletes trusted Dr Khanna with their Lasik surgery. Olympic Medal winners, Celebrity sportsman and woman love to have him take care of their precious eyes. Eyes are very important and crucial for their sucess. They are the best in their field and and want the best in LASIK surgery. Therefore they want Rajesh Khanna, MD. He has offices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Jason Gedrick- In Buddy’s Eyes

Beverly Hills LASIK Surgeon and Jason
PJ time @ Baldwins

PJ time @ Baldwins
Jason Gedrick has starred in – In Buddy’s Eyes. Ok, we dont like to yell about it – but also in One Eyed King. Dr. Khanna on the other hand is the king of vision and helps people both with and two eyes to see better. While some eye surgeons shy away from taking tough cases like One Eyed patients, or those with shimmering eyes, our eye surgeon likes to help all people of los angeles and beyond.

Miss California and Mr. Vision

Carrie Prejean and Dr.Rajesh Khanna
Beauty and Vision

Carrie Prejean is a charming person who is beautiful and a pleasure to the eyes. Speaking of eyes Rajesh Khanna can help visualize beauty. As you may remember Carrie had won the coveted Miss California and was the runner up for Miss America. Carrie has been surrounded by controversy. At our Beverly Hills LASIK center our Laser vision specialist like sto avoid controversy. Therefore we like to offer laser procedures which have been FDA approved. Dr.Khanna does LASIK on all well qualified candidates. Yes they have to pass all the stringent tests first. These include but are not limited to corneal topography which determines the shape  of cornea, pachymetry or the measurement of the cornea, assessing to make sure that the power of your eyes is stable and ruling out dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. If you qualify and have realistic expectations our laser vision correction specialist would be ready to do his magic on your eyes. Our Los angeles LASIK surgeon has operated on various patients irrespective of color, sex, race, class or sexual orientation. For we at our Beverly Hills LASER center believe vision is everyones right. Let the bells of freedom of vision ring!

Khanna Vision, Oscars and the Blind Side

The Blind Side and Vision

“The Blind side” fetched the first Oscar for the talented Sandra Bullock. Someone unassuming who played an important role in the movie was not mentioned. Yes we are talking about Quinton Aaron. He plays Michael Oher the main character in the movie. The story line features Michael Oher  who is adopted by Sean and Leigh Tuohy. It changes his life. He goes on to play professional football for the Baltimore Ravens.

Rajesh Khanna, MD is friends with Quinton Aaron. He says “Quinton is an unassuming down to earth person. He is very calm and does not usually seek attention. I wish he had been mentioned by name during the Oscars.”Aaron is 26 years old and was born in the Bronx. He is an actor, not a football player. He has acted in Mr. Brooklyn, The ministers and the TV show Law and Order and many others.  Dr. Khanna hopes Quinton will soon get the recognition he deserves

To quote Roger Friedman “But somewhow, I suspect, the Bronx actor who’s mostly played bodyguards on shows like “Law & Order” has wound up on Hollywood’s own blind side.”

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Reading Glasses in Hollywood?

Reading glasses are usually required when a person reaches mid forties. The ability of the internal eye muscles to change the shape of the lens leads to this condition. A person who could never wear glasses needs to find them and wear them. The power of the reading glasses keep increasing t]over the next two decades. Wait, don’t worry- our Beverly Hills Vision Center has a solution. We offer Hyperopic LASIK on the most advanced laser platforms. If you are already far sighted than we can treat your distance and reading and simultaneously. If you dont have any prescription we can offer Blend LASIK. Finally, if you a re nearsighted than we can under-correct one of your eyes. If none of this appeals to you at our Beverly Hills Vision center we also offer PRELEX.

Make Up after LASIK

A question which is very important to the celebrities coming to our Beverly Hills LASIK center: How soon after surgery can I wear make up? A lot of  people may not understand why the answer is so important to the patients who come to see our Beverly Hills LASIK doctor. The reason is simple. Actresses and models can be called for auditions any time. Also their schedule is busy doing photoshoots or Holywood movies. So they want to plan their wavefront thin flap LASIK surgery with Dr. Khanna, keeping all this in mind. Our Beverly Hills LASIK surgeon uses the latest and safest technologies. This allows quicker visual recovery. Most of our Hollywood stars are able to return to their busy schedules the next day. Some even entertain folks in Beverly Hills the same evening. Each patient is special, and that is why you can consult with Rajesh Khanna, MD at our Beverly Hills office before the procedure to have your questions answered.

Are You Considering Lasik?

Meet the Man with the Vision…  Dr. Rajesh Khanna M.D.

The Khanna Institute of LASIK in Beverly Hills, CA.  Provides state-of-the-art vision correction for the ultimate in eye care solutions

by:  Suzanne Takowsky / Beverly Hills Times Magazine

Rajesh Khanna, M.D. envisioned a place where people would be able to go for more than just world-class eye care. He desired that patients would feel comfortable, and feel confident as they received state of the art laser vision treatment, tailored to their individual needs. Patient care has always been the primary goal, with a sincere emphasis placed on compassion and the dignity of each client.

The Khanna Institute has been conceived with the basic philosophy of “First do no harm”. Our goal is to utilize the most advanced techniques to increase the safety and efficacy of vision corrective procedures. We only use FDA-approved techniques and equipment, and our Los Angeles staff receives ongoing education to stay ahead of the field of eye care. So many happy patients seeing better in Los Angeles attribute their better eyesight to Khanna Institute of LASIK.